How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

Bitcoin, the most popular and secure crypto currency, can be better than keeping money in the bank.

Bitcoin, the most popular and secure crypto currency, can be better than keeping money in the bank.  From January 2011 to January 2021, bitcoin value increased by 3,200,000%, while the value of other currencies has decreased slowly during this time.

A growing number of people think about bitcoin is the digital form of gold. Owning bitcoin is similar to owning gold, the price changes often and you can buy or sell bitcoin or gold any time.  

Some people prefer to own bitcoin because it is more easy to move than gold, you can hold bitcoin by remembering the password phrase to your bitcoin wallet. You can easily transfer bitcoin to anyone anywhere using a bitcoin wallet.

For small amounts of bitcoin, it is easier to use a mobile or desktop wallet, you can choose from here the best recommended wallets for Android, iOS, or PC:

These wallets mobile and desktop are secure enough for most people holding or trading small amounts of bitcoin. 

The most secure option to protect your bitcoin is by using a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor. These wallets allow you to create or import a bitcoin wallet, and the wallet password is stored in encrypted form and protected by a pin number, meaning if your wallet is lost or stolen, no one else can access your bitcoin.

When purchasing a hardware wallet, be sure to buy directly from the hardware wallet manufacturer or authorized reseller.  If you take a chance and buy a hardware wallet from a third party not authorized to sell the hardware wallet, it could be modified to steal your bitcoin after you import or create your wallet password phrase, also known as the wallet seed phrase.  Modern hardware wallets do not have any known security issues, and support bitcoin and many other types of crypto currencies.  You can buy a secure hardware wallet from Ledger’s official site at